We are a small, family owned and operated nursery located in almost-rural Punta Gorda, Florida. Each plant is grown right here, from cuttings taken from our own plants or from fresh, non-GMO seeds. 

We are not certified organic… but we grow our plants without chemical additives. Only a soiless mix is used for our plants to prevent spread of nematodes and other little unwanted critters that can live in real “dirt”.

Our little nursery is fully licensed and state inspected. We can ship to all the lower 48 states… although we choose not to ship to Arizona because of that state’s restrictive quarantine policy.

We offer plants that are grown in 4″ pots, although they will be shipped without the pot and without most of the potting mix. This keeps shipping expenses lower and we make every effort to pass that savings on to you with our policy of offering free shipping on all orders over $30.

If you are a grower, please visit our soon-to-be-open wholesale section.

Here you will find our availability list. These are the plants currently offered in a smaller size and bundles of 10 plants per variety.

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