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Welcome to Brier Ridge Farm Fresh Herbs!

We are a small family farm located in Punta Gorda, Florida. Although we grow mostly in small quantities so that we can give individual plants the attention they need, we also offer plants in wholesale lots for those who wish to grow a smaller plant into a sellable size.

We grow natural, non-GMO herb plants and vegetable transplants, in season. We offer a few Tropical plants as well, and from time to time, we offer other plants, because sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the jasmine… Or gardenia. Or plumeria…

Most plants are grown from cuttings or seeds gathered from our own plants. Vegetable plants offered are heritage varieties for the best possible flavors, like those you may remember from your own childhood.

Please join our mailing list if you are interested in learning more about our herbs and sales. We promise we will never sell or share your information with anyone, ever! And we will not be crowding your inbox, either. It takes time to send out all that email, time better spent growing more plants; therefore, you will only get a newsletter when we have something really important to tell you.

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