Mint, Corsican

Corsican Mint, Mentha requienii 

Corsican Mint is one of the few mints that will grow true to type from seed.

One of the tiniest mint plants, Corsican mint grows only 1/2 to 1` inch tall. It has a creeping habit which makes it perfect for growing in spaces between pavers or bricks.

Corsican mint is no weakling, though. Tough as nails, it can withstand being walked upon, thus making it a perfect addition to a shady brick patio. Each step releases that wonderful strong peppermint scent.

Be sure to grow your Corsican mint in an area that does not have standing water. Although it prefers shady moist areas, too much water will cause it to rot. In a shady spot, it makes a lovely ground cover.

Yes, Corsican mint is edible, as are most members of the mint family. In fact, Corsican mint is the main ingredient in Creme de Menthe.

Medicinal Properties: antiseptic, carminative and febrifuge

Companion Planting: Corsican mint is the best mint to plant with any brassica plants like brocooli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. It repels certain pest insects and may enhance the flavor of the vegetables it is grown with.

The smell of mint is disliked by rats and mice and Corsican mint has long been used for strewing on the floor to deter rodents.