Growing Tarragon:
Tarragon likes a hot, sunny spot, without excessive watering. Make sure it has excellent drainage to avoid rot.

The scent and taste of tarragon is disliked by many garden pests.

Culinary Use:
Tarragon is one of the four fines herbs of French cooking. It is very unique and flavorful, with a peppery and vinegary flavor, and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Types of Tarragon:
We offer two types of Tarragon: The true, French Tarragon and an imitation known as Mexican Tarragon. These plants are not even remotely related. In fact, the Mexican tarragon is a close relative of the common marigold!

However, place the two varieties next to each other and they are difficult to tell apart. Even the flowers are nearly identical. The only difference I can see is that the Mexican plant has some red in the stems, whereas the true French tarragon is all green. Flavor and use is exactly the same for both plants.

Choose Mexican tarragon only if you live in the more southern states or in a very wet climate. It is more sensitive to cold weather than the true, French tarragon. Also, the Mexican tarragon is more tolerant to wet conditions. I have seen it growing in standing water with no problems.