Epazote is a staple in Mexican cuisine, especially in bean dishes. It imparts a distinctive flavor and it reduces flatulence. How perfect is that? Epazote_chenapodium_pot


Epazote, Chenopodium eambrosiodes  Annual in zones 2-7. Perennial in southern zones

Native to Mexico, Central and South America. The Aztec culture prized Epazote for both culinary and medicinal uses. Today we find it used extensively in Mexican cuisine, especially in bean dishes. Not only does it impart a distinctive flavor but it also reduces flatulence. It has become naturalized in the United States, frequently growing along roadsides and in ditches. It has even been found growing in New York’s Central Park!

Do not eat the seeds or the flowering tips of the plant. Use only the leaves as the other parts are poisonous.