About Us


We started as a small, family owned and operated nursery located in almost-rural Punta Gorda, Florida. For a number of years, we grew and sold a wide variety of herb and vegetable plants. These were sold locally and shipped nationally, both retail and wholesale. We grew from fresh, non-GMO seeds and from cuttings taken from our own plants. 

Everything was grown as naturally as possible, without chemical additives. 

Our little nursery was fully licensed and state inspected. 

But things change. The kids, who were such a huge help, grew up and moved out into the world. Grandma grew older, too, and soon the nursery was simply more than we could handle.

Because we loved herbs and because we knew just how valuable they could be, we decided to move on to the next phase and handle only dried herbs and homemade teas. Strictly organic still, we source our herbs from reputable, certified organic sources.

You can visit us on Saturday and Sunday at the American Legion Post 103 Outdoor Market, located at 2101 Taylor Road, Punta Gorda, Florida, 33950. Hours are from 8AM – 2PM, beginning October 1st.

We sell HERBS, both culinary and medicinal… and MORINGA… and hand-crafted herbal TEA.