We have come to think of tea as any beverage made from steeping plant parts in hot water. We say “tea” when we are talking about the Camillia sinensis beverage.. and usually refer to everything else as “herb tea” or something along those lines.

But tea, strictly speaking, is a beverage made from the leaves of the Camillia sinensis plant.

Unless we are talking about coffee, made from the seeds of the coffee tree or chocolate, also made from the seeds of a tree. Those are entirely different in our minds and so we call them what they are. Coffee. Or, Chocolate.

In truth, the proper term for these “other” tea types is Tisane. Or, infusion if you prefer.

We can break it down even further and call them “simples” when they are made from a single plant.. or “blends” when we mix different plants to produce a different flavor or specific plant properties.

But enough of that.

Here, we will just call everything TEA.

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